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                                  Belleville 1920

     Sarah and Pauline, Belleville 1939

Sarah and Pauline 1940

Medman Family deported 1939

Sarah 1942


Drancy’s camp

Sarah and Georgette Belleville

Deportees at a train window

Rivka, Jacques, Douby, Monique, Simon, Sarah and the children in holidays 1963

Jean, Liliane and Simone Dehaye 1942 Saint Julien sur Sarthe

Propaganda poster in Paris’ métro

Yellow star

Family reunion, Belleville 1950

Sarah and Pauline, Belleville 1955           

Georgette, Sarah and Pauline with the yellow star 1942

Paris liberation        

Sarah and Pauline, Sweden 1945

Rivka, Georgette, Jacques, Sarah and Douby, holidays 1960

Marceline Dehaye and Aunt Alice, Saint Julien sur Sarthe 1942

Jean, Liliane hidden children Saint Julien sur Sarthe 1942

Family party in the 70’s




The tribe 2004